Maruti Swift used as cab by dealership before being sold to a customer

A Maruti Suzuki dealer in in New Delhi which goes by the moniker Rohan Motors, situated in Chattarpur; has been caught on camera utilizing a shiny new Swift hatchback as a taxi. The whole scene was gotten on camera by a Team-BHP member Shivjeet. What got his attention, was that this red hued Swift with a temporary red coloured registration had travellers inside.

maruti-swift-used-as-a-taxi-before-deliveryNew Swift sadly misused by the driver for a petty amount, before delivery.

The member got suspicious of this and decided to go after the car. His intuition was demonstrated right when he saw the driver gathering money from the travellers while they got off. This event continued until the car reached Chattarpur. Over the course, Shivjeet saw the driver gathering cash from the travellers. Shivjeet now took after the car till the last stop, which as he had expected, was a Maruti Suzuki dealership. Once the car was stopped inside the dealership, Shivjeet chose to talk with the administrator of Rohan Motors.

Inside he met with an executive named Praveen, who he advised the whole scene to. Regardless of listening to what Shivjeet had said, Praveen let him know that this was a client’s car, which was headed from the depot to the dealership. This new red hued Swift was to be conveyed to the client tomorrow, said Praveen. This stunned Shivjeet, and he requested to meet with the manager of the dealership.

maruti-swift-hired-as-a-cab-taxi-before-deliveryThe Swift was finally parked at Rohan Motors, located in Chattarpur area, New Delhi.

It is right now Shivjeet was informed that the director is not around. When he requested his contact number, Praveen gruffly declined to share. Seeing that he couldn’t do much else, Shivjeet left the dealership.

He has shared the whole scene, alongside pictures on the web. We trust Maruti Suzuki does pay heed to this and set out a few standards to stop this practice. We consumers buy cars from dealerships thinking they are new but this is what goes behind the scenes.

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GALLERY: Pictures of Maruti Swift used as a cab/taxi before delivery

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