Maruti Swift collides with BMW X1, all-in-Swift die while all-in-BMW survive

A report in 2014 uncovered that India reports the highest number of road mishaps globally. Our streets witness a deadly street mishap at regular intervals. Furthermore, rather than decrease in road accidents, year 2015 is all situated to enroll the highest ever street accidents till date. Regardless of such information accessible to automobile makers and to automobile buyers, very few consider security as a critical part of a car while making or purchasing one.

National Highway 67, which joins Karnataka with Tamil Nadu, has seen one such mishap. This mishap by and by highlights the advantages of having safety equipment on board your car.

A group of four, 55-year old A S Mudhol, his 50-year old wife Sowbhagya, their kids – 30-year old Sampathkumar and 26-year old Manju were headed to Ooty over the course of the weekend. Mr Mudhol, who functions as a Assistant manager in a local media outlet in Shivamogga (Shimoga prior), was driving the Maruti Swift in which the four were voyaging.


Cruising at a nice rate, Mr Mudhol all of a sudden saw a lady crossing the street (a large number of us would have seen a comparable episode while driving or riding on our National Highways. This is a result of the vicinity of nearby homes from the highway).

Unable to stop the car in time, Mr Mudhol lost control of the Maruti Swift, and jumped onto the wrong side, with incoming traffic at a brisk pace. This brought about his Maruti Swift slamming into a BMW X1 compact SUV, head-on. Each of the four inside the Swift have died, while the seven individuals going inside the BMW X1 have survived.

It is not affirmed whether travelers inside the Swift were wearing safety belts or not, but rather the car did not have ABS or Airbags – the two essential security highlights which ought to be offered as standard in all autos. Then again, BMW X1 is a 4/5 seater. It is extremely unlikely every one of them were wearing a safety belt. Yet at the same time everybody inside the auto survived, on account of a stronger body shell and airbags.

We are not contrasting BMW and Maruti. Yet, in the event that there were airbags and ABS in the Swift, and if the travelers were wearing safety belts, the four would not have died. One serious road accident in the country occurs every minute and one die every four minutes due to a road accidents in India.

The point of posting this article is not to showcase that the BMW is superior to Maruti, but to educate few of our readers who generally ask why to invest on big car or top-end model with additional safety features while the low-end cars too does its basic duty, can travel from point A to point B. Now this accident proves an important aspect of a car while buying a big car or a top-end model, respectively.


“Always ride safe wear helmets and drive safe wear seatbelts.”

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Source: Rushlane