Maruti Suzuki to launch electric vehicles in India

Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid Concept - FrontView

Maruti Suzuki might bring electric hybrid cars to India in future. However, Suzuki Motor Corp still racks its brains over the hybrid vehicles launch as the auto major finds the lack of proper infrastructure, a drawback in the country. The senior Vice-President of Suzuki Motor Corp, Toshihiro Suzuki during the course of Tokyo Motor Show shared his views on their upcoming line-up in India. According to him, while India is developing in other areas, the infrastructure could prove to be a problem where electric plug-ins is concerned. He was obviously referring to the cars showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Two models have drawn the attention of the masses at the event yesterday. The Maruti Swift electric version and the Alto Eco were the main highlights at the show. To refresh the memory on the Alto Eco, the car has been much hyped especially during the last week after Suzuki has given inkling on the car. Yesterday, the public were able to feast their eyes on the car. The mind-blowing mileage of 30.2 kmpl has crossed all the limits. The 660 cc engine is the attention-grabber. The 660 cc engine is the lowest capacity engine so far and sits below the Alto’s 800 cc engine among the stack of Suzuki engines.

Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid Concept - RearView

However, they have played the cards pretty much to themselves, while mentioning the deciding factor will the infrastructure development. The electric engine is not the right one to ponder at the moment. Maruti Suzuki seems more focused on the diesel engine line-up more than ever. To drive the point home, Suzuki Motors has tied up with the Italian car manufacturer Fiat for 1 lakh diesel engine supply per annum. While diesel engine supply is slowly getting back on track, the auto major is unable to call the shots where CNG and LPG versions are concerned.


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