Maruti Suzuki to consider Lithium-Ion batteries for their premium models

Maruti Suzuki are looking to introduce Lithium-Ion batteries into their premium products in the future. These will replace the conventional lead batteries by 2021. It will be produced via Suzuki’s battery plant in Gujarat, which at the moment is undergoing construction.


Maruti’s premium cars starting from Swift would be equipped with the lithium-ion batteries from 2021.

This plant will be set up in collaboration with Toshiba and Denso Corporation. Maruti Suzuki considers the Lithium-Ion batteries being more cost effective compared to the lead batteries used at present. On the other hand, a Lithium-Ion battery has an average life span of 4-5 years, much more long lasting compared to the lead batteries having an average of one year.

The companies have invested a combined total of Rs.1,152 crore for the project to take place. Once set up, these will also be used in Suzuki’s electric two-wheeler operations. Meanwhile, Suzuki like many major automakers here, also have plans to launch hybrid vehicles in the future.


In-house developed Lithium-ion batteries will be produced in Maruti’s upcoming Gujarat plant.

We can expect all models sitting above the Swift in Maruti Suzuki’s line-up to come powered with Lithium-Ion batteries. The plant in Gujarat is likely to be opened in 2020  around the same time as Suzuki are expected to roll out their first electric vehicle here. The Government is keen on reducing the usage of lead in automobiles, so we can expect other manufacturers to also develop Lithium-Ion batteries for their vehicles.

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Source: LiveMint