Maruti Suzuki Esteem converted into a Bugatti Veyron

We all love the Bugatti Veyron but how many of us can afford it? Probably one in a million can or even less. But it is not that difficult to modify your old car to look like one. And what better than our very own Maruti Suzuki Esteem to play host to the modification. Today we have for you a customised Maruti Esteem that has been converted into a Bugatti Veyron by our country’s very own Sf Carz The Custom Car Designers (Hyderabad).

Bugatti Veyron replica based on the Maruti Esteem

So let us tell you how it is done! The modified/customised cars are built from fiber glass. Donor cars are the ones who play host to the modifications (Esteem in this case) and the modified cars are built around the donor cars. How good the replica is and how good the quality of the replica is depends on the custom builders. A company as good as DC can modify your original car to look like an all new car whereas local customisers through out the country will fetch you replicas of supercars you can’t own around a donor car.

Customisations vary from an overhaul of the engine to merely adding a new body on top of them. Customisers who are in the game for a long haul usually go in for tuning of engines as well alongside physical modifications so as to enable the engine take on the additional modifications.

Addition of exhausts to bring out an exhaust note that is sweet enough (read as “loud”) to turn around heads is common throughout the country. We’ve mentioned the link of the Facebook page of the customiser in this post, so if you are interested in getting your Esteem converted into a Bugatti Veyron, feel free to contact them. And if you find any customisers in your cities, do let us know about them!


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See more pictures of replica version Bugatti Veyron –

maruti-esteem-modified-bugatti-veyron-front     maruti-esteem-modified-bugatti-veyron-side     maruti-esteem-modified-bugatti-veyron-rear

maruti-esteem-modified-bugatti-veyron-grille     maruti-esteem-modified-bugatti-veyron-front-fascia     maruti-esteem-modified-bugatti-veyron-rear-end

maruti-esteem-modified-bugatti-veyron-angel-lights     maruti-esteem-modified-bugatti-veyron-front-end     maruti-esteem-modified-bugatti-veyron-rear-spoiler