Mumbai Police replace Bolero and Qualis with Maruti Ertiga

Mumbai Police has decided to refresh their ride, now on Mumbai Police Official will get a Maruti Ertiga from Maruti Suzuki rather than a Mahindra Bolero and Toyota Qualis which has been serving Police officials for years now!

The main reason behind going for this decision is because the Boleros and Qualis cars are seriously outdated. Most of these patrol vehicle don’t even have the working ACs which makes it quite difficult for the cops to travel around, especially with the heat and pollution in the city.


The Eritga is faster and more fuel efficient, a perfect replacement for the age old vehicles that huff and puff after every gear change. The Ertiga chosen by the Mumbai cops is the facelifted and LXi version, with the Mumbai Police livery, a siren with blue lights on the top and they have also been fitted with luggage nets inside. There are possibilities that these Ertiga could be converted to CNG.

As per the report, more than 100 such 94 units of cars have been added and every area of the city will get atleast one car. The stickering on the rear bumper suggests the area for which the car has been allocated e.g. 1 nos. for Kandivali, 1 for Vashi, 1 for Colaba and so on…

Will the Ertiga change the perception of police vehicles? To be fair, it depends on how many criminals and convicts are brought to book after this switch.

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GALLERY: Maruti Ertiga Police Patrol Cars


maruti-ertiga-back-mumbai-police-patrol-cars     maruti-ertiga-rear-mumbai-police-patrol-cars     maruti-ertiga-mumbai-police-patrol-cars-convey

maruti-ertiga-front-mumbai-police-patrol-cars     maruti-ertiga-side-mumbai-police-patrol-cars     maruti-ertiga-livery-mumbai-police-patrol-cars


Source: MotorBeam