Maruti Celerio Diesel achieves close to 30 kmpl, India launch in June-July

The Celerio has been quite a superstar for Maruti Suzuki in the past few months, especially given that it sells so well. The Celerio was the first car in India to introduce AMT (Automatic Manual Transmission) to the masses, and not just that, the Celerio as a package was really good has since its launch it has managed to achieve a monthly sales average of up to 5500 units.

maruti-celerio-diesel-frontThe Celerio diesel is debut by June-July in India.

Now, if the Celerio managed to sell so well even though it had only a petrol engine to offer, you can imagine how it would sell if there was a diesel engine on offer too, because India is a diesel car loving nation on the whole. Well, looks like Maruti Suzuki has been listening to the consumer’s plights and will launch a diesel powered Celerio by June-July. In fact, the diesel powered Celerio has already gone into production and Maruti Suzuki is producing a huge inventory of the Celerio diesel before the car is launched, as they are expecting huge demand for the car and do not want any long waiting periods.

The diesel Celerio will be powered by an 800cc twin-cylinder diesel engine, which has been indigenously developed by Maruti Suzuki themselves as part of an attempt to replace the 1.3-liter MultiJet diesel engine currently being used in all diesel Maruti Suzuki cars. The 800cc diesel engine will ensure that the car will be more efficient than ever before, probably have a mileage close to 30 kmpl, which is quite impressive. However, as of now we do not have any other details about this engine, but we are trying to get more details soon.

maruti-celerio-diesel-dashboard-cabinThe 800cc twin-cylinder diesel engine will deliver close to 30 kmpl.

We have also received information that Maruti Suzuki is working on a Taxi variant of the Celerio. Maruti Suzuki finds logic in this move because the new 800cc engine will be really efficient and cheap to maintain and run, which would make it ideal for taxi runs within big metropolitan cities.

The diesel Celerio will be available in  the Ldi, Vdi, Zdi and Zdi (option) pack variants, yes you heard right, Zdi too, speaking of which, Maruti Suzuki has also put into production a Zxi variant which will soon be launched. There were reports online a few days ago that Maruti Suzuki is looking forward to launch a Zxi variant of the Celerio which was previously available only in Lxi and Vxi trims.

maruti-celerio-diesel-rearThe Y9T LCV will be the next vehicle from Maruti’s lineup to get this engine.

According to surveys conducted by Maruti Suzuki, there was demand in the market for a small hatchback with AMT transmission combined with a host of other features and comforts, which Maruti Suzuki has decided to provide in the Celerio Zxi. The Celerio Zxi AMT comes with dual-airbags and ABS to improve safety.

The Celerio Zxi AMT will have features like Body Colored door handles and mirrors, electric mirrors, fog lamps, integrated music system with CD, USB, AUX-in and Bluetooth combined with 4 speakers in the doors and steering mounted controls, and also a remote locking system.

Given that the Celerio is already selling so well, it would not be a surprise if the sales numbers doubled after the launch of these three new variants.

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GALLERY: Maruti Suzuki Celerio

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Source: TOI