Land Rover plans to launch new entry-level model

Land Rover Freelander2

The Land Rover Freelander used to be the brand’s best-selling model in the European market until a bunch of competitors showed up on the map. Land Rover is now considering the development of an addition model to complement the Freelander and Discovery.

If approved, the new model could slot below the Freelander as the automaker’s smallest model. Instead of being a true off-loading model, the model will be considered a leisure model that will help boost sales for the company.

Talking about the aspect of entry level SUVs and crossovers, there are a range of vehicles planned by a host of brands. BMW and Audi have the X1 and the Q3 crossovers respectively, which are both hot sellers. Mercedes Benz is coming up with the GLC crossover which should be ready for production over the next year or so while Volvo is readying up its own challenger in the form the XC30 crossover. So, here again, a Land Rover entry level SUV/Crossover might fit right in.

The move is a part of Land Rover’s plans to launch no less than 40 new models over the next 5 years.


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SourceInside Line