Mahindra Thar modified by DC Design

DC Design has quite a reputation for coming up with amazing automobiles. We have now heard that the automaker has modified Mahindra Thar and has dubbed it as an urban convertible off roader. To create this vehicle, the automaker has completely re-skinned the Thar with bulbous, fiber glass bodywork. But the end product looks pretty monstrous and somewhat hideous. It appears that the modified Mahindra Thar has totally lost the credentials of a Jeep.

dc-design-thar-urban-mod-front-viewDC Design’s Thar Urban Mod – FrontView

The basic vision of DC Design behind modifying Mahindra Thar was to bring this vehicle in urban setting. At its front, the modified jeep sports a completely revamped fascia that has three slat grille making it look nothing better than a storm drain cover. The classic elements of the jeep has been replaced by the wonky headlamps with chrome bezels.

The modified jeep’s sides have chrome licked door hinges, pronounced wheel arches and a high set door handle giving the vehicle an exaggerated look. The unusual tail lamps jut out from the corners and the spare wheel has been embedded with the bodywork. It features a new set of wheels that have been wrapped with fatter rubber.

dc-design-thar-urban-mod-rear-viewDC Design’s Thar Urban Mod – RearView

The interiors of the modified Mahindra Thar has a completely different story to tell. The inside of the modified jeep shines with DC Design’s excellent work. The cabin has been completely re-trimmed. The upholstery has been changes totally to black. It has a set of drilled, metal pedals and an LCD entertainment system. The interiors also feature an air conditioning system. The modified jeep has been given the tag of a convertible as it comes with a targa style, removable roof which can be stowed at the back.

The price of the entire conversion is INR 10 lacs without including the cost of the donor vehicle. Let’s see how people react to DC Design’s effort.

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