Mahindra Thar gets minor updates based on customer feedback

Already popular Mahindra Thar has gained more popular, since the Chennai Express movie. Now Mahindra has silently released an updated version of the Thar, based on customer feedback. The Thar SUV has been in the Indian car market for over 2 years now, we are wondering what took Mahindra so long to issue these much needed changes.

Talking about the upgrades, the Thar is now equipped with a new cross bar between the A- and B-pillar that improves body rigidity. This update is to cure the old Thar’s problem of B-pillars flexing and hitting the doors over bumpy bits. The Thar gets a fixed range set-up instead of the auto-locking hubs at the front axle.


Mahindra Thar

On the inside, Mahindra has replaced the air-con switches, which are now borrowed from the Bolero VLX. The poor quality inner door handles, which have exhibited the tendency of breaking at the slightest force, have been replaced by units that are said to be stronger. The rear seats too have been lowered by approximately 6-7mm to improve rear headroom and there is a simpler way to take the roof off over the driver’s section.

Apart from the above changes, the canopy roof gets 4 screws for easy mounting and dismounting. The screw-type design replaces the pins that used to hold the front canopy in place previously. The pins were also cumbersome to use while taking off and putting on the canopy over the front cabin. The good news is that most of these updates can be incorporated on to the existing Mahindra Thar.

The price of the updated Thar remains untouched. It also remains similar in terms of exterior design and engine, with the CRDe and Direct Injection turbo diesel engines remain untouched. The Thar CRDe is aimed at urban lifestyle SUV buyers while the Thar DI is aimed at buyers in rural areas and the people moving segment.


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See the pictures of updated Mahindra Thar –

2013-Mahindra-Thar-India-001               2013-Mahindra-Thar-India-002               2013-Mahindra-Thar-India-003