Mahindra Scorpio to be equipped with Aisin Seiki 6-Speed Automatic Transmission soon

Mahindra Scopio has been a game changer for the SUV market in India and also in some way or the other, has been a reason for increasing demand in the SUV segment. Ever since the launch there has been a constant upgrade to the SUV in order to meet the demands of its customer in terms of luxury and driving experience. As a part of the latest upgrade in July this year the AT (Automatic Transmission) was introduced in the Scorpio.


At present the Automatic Transmission is sourced from from Drivetrain Systems International (DSI), but as per company sources the AT might be replaced with the sourced from Japanese supplier, Aisin Seiki that is currently fitted in the newly launched XUV500 Automatic. Although it is not confirmed as to when the new transmissions will be introduced or if there will be any change in the price.

With the new generation torque converter the new transmission will deliver smooth gear shifts with reduced transmission losses in addition to two overdrive gear ratios with six-speed transmission that are optimised to deliver better fuel efficiency.

Talking about the new transmission Hemant Sikka, Executive Vice President & Chief Purchasing Officer, Automotive and Farm Sectors said to sources, “A transmission similar to the one used in the XUV500 can be adapted in the Mahindra Scorpio in the future. With Aisin, we have gone for a long-term relationship. Going ahead, our first preference will be Aisin for all our new projects, depending on their torque values.”

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Source: Autocar India