Mahesh Babu Telugu superstar is new brand ambassador of Mahindra Tractors

Mahesh Babu Telugu superstar is new brand ambassador of Mahindra Tractors

Mahindra & Mahindra’s tractor division have announced their new brand ambassador. Mahesh Babu, Telugu superstar has been selected as the brand ambassador following greater emphasis on the tractor brand in the Andhra Pradesh markets. Andhra Pradesh has an increasing number of the younger generation turning towards agriculture and is an area where Mahindra tractors are much in demand.

The company says Andhra Pradesh is a critical market and our products are especially designed to suit the needs of this market. The Bhoomiputra 475 and 575 tractors have the largest user base in Andhra Pradesh. Mahindra has been a dominant tractor brand in the state and has been the market leader for over three decades. The company now looks to connect with next generation of agriculturalists and hence felt an urgent need for a brand ambassador who is not only a superstar but also a youth icon in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Mahesh Babu was an obvious choice.

Mahindra Tractors has recently launched Arjun MAT – Multi Application Tractor series offering the latest in tractor technology. Mahindra 395, 595 and 265 Power Plus has also been introduced while a new Rice Transplanter to make this labor oriented process easier and more efficient has also been introduced.
Commenting on the association, Superstar Mahesh Babu said –

“I’m very excited to be the brand ambassador for Mahindra Tractors. The company drives positive change in the lives of farmers and I would love to connect with the young farmers in Andhra Pradesh.”

Checkout the Mahindra tractor TV commercial below the jump.


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