Force Motors launched air-conditioned Trax Toofan Deluxe in Mangalore

Force Motors, India’s leading light commercial vehicle manufacturer launched their popular Trax people carrier in a Deluxe version in the Mangalore. The Trax Toofan Deluxe will be available at Mangalore Force in Mangalore. The Mangalore Force has been associated with the Force Motors for over 10 years and has a well-appointed showroom and workshop with latest facilities.


The Trax is one of the most popular and preferred passenger transport vehicles plying in rural India. It provides the much needed connectivity from large cities to poorly connected villages and talukas.

The air-conditioned Trax Toofan Deluxe is powered by Mercedes OM616 derived, 2.6-litre, 81hp turbo-charged engine with [email protected] The air-conditioned Trax Toofan Deluxe is the perfect match for the passenger requirements in a tropical country like India, providing despite from extreme heat and humidity throughout the year.


In order to ensure uniform cooling, AC ducts are provided in the front as well as in the center of the passenger compartment. The Trax is also the preferred passenger transport owing to its best-in-class space and comfort for long distance travels. The wide extended foot-board on the sides ensures comfortable entry and exit for sari clad women, children and the elderly.

A new front grill, new front and rear bumpers and elegant round headlights give the vehicle an updated and refined finish. The two toned interiors and new instrument cluster along with a new dash board bring up the asesthetics to a class leading level in the Trax Toofan Deluxe.


The stylish and bold coloured side graphics, wheel arches and stylish wheel caps all give the vehicle a modern look and impressive road presence.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Ashutosh khosla, President Sales and Marketing, said –

“Trax is the first fully indigenous, multi vehicle developed in the country. Over the past three decades it had established itself as the preferred people and goods carrier its rural India. Force Motors has been constantly refining and updating it over the years thereby ensuring its unchanged longevity. The latest variant which offers more comfort to its passengers’ is another step in that direction.”


Trax Toofan Deluxe is available nationwide through its commercial vehicle dealers network. These are fully equipped with company trained technicians, special tools and adequate stocks of reasonably priced spare parts, ensuring the Trax is in fighting fit condition, 24X7 non –stop. The new Trax Toofan Deluxe comes with unmatched 3 years/3 Lac kms warranty with 7 free services.

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2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-front-fascia     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-front-view     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-front-end

2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-left-side-view     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-right-side-view     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-rear-view

2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-rear-three-quarter     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-rear-design     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-rear-end

2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-side-view     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-side-profile     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-rear-wheel-cover

2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-foot-board     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-body-graphics     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-body-decals

2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-interior     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-dash     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-steering-wheel

2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-inside     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-cabin-front-row     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-cabin-2nd-row

2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-interior-dashboard     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-vents     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-ac-ducts

2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-second-row     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-middle-row-seat     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-interior-inside

2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-driver-seat     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-cabin2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-cabin     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-boot-space

2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-rear-seat     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-logo     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-side-moulding

2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-grille     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-head-light     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-tail-light

2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-instrument-cluster     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-wheel-cap     2015-force-trax-toofan-deluxe-air-conditioned-engine