VW silently deletes features from Polo GT TSI without updating the brochure

Since the beginning of 2015, VW has depended on some shocking and not so ethical expense cutting measures on the lead rendition of its Polo hatchback – GT TSI, which costs about Rs. 10 lakh on-street Mumbai. In addition to other things, the new GT TSI will never again be outfitted with a leather wrapped handbrake lever or fabric on the doorway ways. The GT TSI now comes shod with either MRF ZVTVs or JK tyres, which are substandard compared to the Apollo’s which it initially came this. The new tyre options are cheaper as well.

vw-polo-gt-tsi-gets-cost-cuttingFor cost-cutting, Volkswagen has silently removed some features from Polo GT TSI.

Such cost-cutting measures are not welcome on a hatchback that is accessible at a huge premium over its customary variant and the other contender hatchbacks in the business sector. Abnormally, the brochure for it has not been upgraded yet and keeps on showing leather wrapped handbrake as a standard highlight.

VW are famous to quietly revise the feature list from their cars on numerous occasions prior to this one. In 2011, it had silently removed features  like one-touch up/down force windows, leather wrapped steering wheel and gear lever chrome accents and so forth from the Vento. Interestingly, the beginning variant of its premium D-fragment vehicle – Jetta, accompanied cruise control as standard on the Comfortline variation and soon VW removed this too.

That’s so much for German Engineering. VW makes it a point to announce whenever it adds new features but doesn’t even bother updating its brochure after removing the features from its car.

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Source: Team-BHP