Lexus held a private gathering in Kochi (Kerala), like in Bangalore

Earlier December-2016, Lexus had held a private event at JW Marriott Hotel in Bangalore to showcase its line-up to prospective customers. Now a similar event was held at Vivanta in Kochi, Kerala for Lexus models coming to India.


Lexus RX, ES, LX showcased at private gathering in Kochi, Kerala.

Fly Wheel’s Hani Musthafa who has snapped these pictures says – “Lexus RX & ES line up along with flagship SUV LX will hit Indian market! Entire line up with RC F was displayed at private sneak preview by Lexus Kochi.”

Although not official, Toyota has silently commenced the sales of Lexus to select customers, and the on-road price of the car ranges from Rs. 85 lakh to Rs. 3 Crore. Sold as a CBU, the reports on Zauba reveal that a total of 29 units of Lexus RX450H hybrid SUVs are already imported into India from Japan by Toyota.


The Lexus RC-F showcased in the top-spec Carbon model at private gathering in Kochi, Kerala.

Undoubtedly, these 29 units will be sold in the first phase of launch in India. Toyota is concentrating with the launch of a hybrid Lexus, as the Camry hybrid has been very much successful in India. About 80% of the Camry sold in India are hybrid. This gives enough confidence to launch Lexus only with a hybrid powertrain option in India.

Japanese luxury car maker, Lexus plans on initial 2 showrooms in Mumbai and New Delhi later depending on demand, more sales and service outlets will expand to other cities in India.

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