Lexus a year away from India launch

Lexus a year away from India launch

Toyota-owned Japanese luxury carmaker Lexus has been long due to make its official entry to Indian automobile market.  Despite being popular here, Lexus has been slow come to Indian market due to a number of reasons. Finally, top management of Toyota has confirmed the news.  Yukitoshi Funo, executive vice-president of Toyota Motor Corporation has disclosed the same and he also shared that Lexus will have its dedicated luxury car dealerships in India and will not use Toyota dealerships in India.

“We have been watching India with keen interest and we are happy to announce that we will bring Lexus to India in 2013. “We would rather have a few, quality dealerships than a large number of mediocre outlets,” Yukitoshi Funo, executive vice-president, Toyota Motor Corporation, said.

The company will initially bring the Lexus range as imports or completely built-up (CBU) units to test the market before considering local assembly. Later the cars are likely to be assembled at Toyota’s facility in Bidadi near Bangalore. Lexus says it will follow top-down strategy for India.

The beautifully engineered and long LS600hl hybrid is likely to be the flagship model. Powered by a 394bhp V8 as well as an electric drive system that generates a maximum of 165KW (or 225bhp), this all-wheel-drive car could come in that surprisingly competitive price. Initially the company plans to introduce the LS saloon and RX SUV, both premium luxury models. This is likely to be followed by the GS executive luxury saloon which competes directly with the E-class and 5-series.

Unlike the German competition, Lexus however won’t focus on diesels; it can’t for it only has a couple of oil-burning motors anyway. What it will do instead, however, is push its hybrid models. More efficient, cleaner and greener, Lexus will try and popularise large petrol cars again.


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