Lamborghini releases 50th anniversary teaser video

Just now I was viewing the video of Mega factories – Lamborghini Aventador and the video concluded saying Lamborghini is celebrating 50th anniversary in 2013. Furthermore, in the video Lamborghini President and CEO Stephan Winkelmann has confirmed that the upcoming car will be able to drive everyday comprising of typical Lamborghini DNA.

Therefore, immediately I Googled it, and found that Lambo has already dropped a teaser video for its 50th anniversary revealing ‘a special car that will celebrate’ the anniversary. The model will be a one-off design. And as said by Winkelmann, ‘It will not be a revival or retro.’

The 50th anniversary of Lamborghini will be celebrated later this year, with the plans to unveil one-off its very special model.
Check out the teaser video below the jump.


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