Lamborghini’s ‘New World’ Has Four Seats


Lamborghini’s teased us with another photo of the mystery car it’s bringing to the Paris Motor Show, and a close look suggests Sant’Agata is about to unveil a sedan.

The Italian automaker offered the first clue earlier this week, revealing a single photo and promising “it’s not just a new Lamborghini, it’s a whole new world.” That’s set off a wave of speculation about what the company’s got up it’s sleeve. We joined the parlour game yesterday, suggesting Lambo was working on a hot-rodded version of the already impressive Murcielago LP640.

But looking at the photo Lamborghini released today, we’re leaning toward a gran turismo to take on the Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide. We’ll even go so far as to say it’ll be called the Mondo.

The most obvious clue is the size of the b-panel — when’s the last time you saw a Lamborghini with a door that wasn’t right next to the wheel well? That much unbroken sheet metal behind the wheel suggests the engine will be up front, creating the space for a back seat.

All the numbers have been Photoshopped off the side of that Pirelli P-Zero, but unless Lamborghini’s gone donk, that’s a relatively puny brake rotor. More evidence we’re looking at a four-seater, because there’s no way that rotor’s big enough for a Murcielago Super Veloce or Superleggera. And the flashy paint means we’re not looking another Reventon.2010-Lamborghini-Estoque-Rear-Angle-View

Now then – about the name. The big clue there is the tagline that accompanied the first photo — “It’s not just a new Lamborghini. It’s a whole new world.” We’re betting it’s a riddle. The Italian word for “world” is mondo. Ferrari built a 2+2 called the Mondail, which is the other Italian translation of “world,” (techincally, it’s mondiale, but same diff) so that word is off-limits. That might explain the tagline of the photo Lamborghini released today: “Not yet seen THE Italian car?”