JLR to showcase Jaguar C-X16 & Land Rover DC100 concept cars at 2012 Delhi Auto Expo


Jaguar Land Rover will be showcasing its entire line-up of vehicles including the X16 and DC100 up for the display.  So, the C X16 concept is basically the brainchild of Jaguar, while the luxury utility car manufacturer Land Rover pulled the DC100 concept out of its kitty.  These radical concepts preview the 2015 successor to the Defender and the inspired styling and off-road potential are hard to miss.

The Jaguar C X16 is basically a sports car and a two door coupe driven by an electric hybrid engine under the hood. The chic concept car from the luxury car manufacturer if goes into production, which is what the auto major has in mind apparently, is expected to be introduced as an entry level sports car.

For the Jaguar fans, the Jaguar XF coupe in India is not something unheard of. So, one might as well think of the Jaguar C X16 concept to be in the lines of the XF coupe. The difference although will be the hybrid engine in the new concept replacing the V8 gasoline engine with the 375 Bhp V6 engine to be accompanied by the electric engine producing a 94 Bhp of top power. Along that comes the improved fuel efficiency given the hybrid engine technology in the C X16. The best part is, the new concept is expected to carry a price lesser than the Jaguar XF saloon in the range of Rs 90 lakh.


Land Rover on the other hand is expecting a tad too much from the new DC100 concept SUV. By the looks of it, the British car manufacturer hopes the new concept to replace the highly acclaimed Defender SUV offered in the global markets with the presence of over fifty years in the industry. However, the auto major has been successful to a certain extent in bringing out a good mixture of the Defender looks and part of functionality to make the Land Rover’s plans possible. However, it remains to be seen how the Indians will accept the Land Rover DC100 who have not experienced the Land Rover Defender first hand.


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