Auto industry ready for ‘massive change’ – Apple CEO: Tim Cook

The iPhone and iPad maker has never commented on a purported autonomous electric vehicle programme, but recently CEO Tim Cook has provided a few more hints about the Apple’s long-rumored iCar.

Speaking at the Wall Street Journal Digital Live (WSJD) Live event in California, Tim Cook said the automotive industry is ready ‘for massive change, not just an evolutionary change’, and it just might be a Beetle-shaped fruit car that someone decided to take a bite out of.


This could indicate Apple’s first attempt and foray into making their own car, something that’s been rumored for quite some time.

Of course, given Apple’s tendency to keep things ho-hum, as they do with the reveal of each and every major iPhone update, not much is known and specifics are nary to be found.

Though Apple did confirm to be working heavily on autonomous driving technology as well as contributing to the electrification technology pool. Alternatively, Apple’s been working heavily too with in-car integration systems, such as Apple CarPlay, so for all we know, it could be a new addition to that technology as well.

Oh, what could it be Apple?

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