JDM WagonR & Suzuki Palette used to test 660cc Petrol engine for India!

Maruti Suzuki recently got the rumor mills going, after the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) WagonR was spotted testing in India along with the the Suzuki Palette around the company’s headquarters. The JDM WagonR is the latest-gen WagonR, with mechanical details similar to that of the current-gen WagonR on-sale in India but with a new, refreshing design language and this one had been spotted in India a couple of times earlier to this as well, but this time around, it was in the company of the Suzuki Palette.

jdm-wagonr-suzuki-test-660cc-petrol-engine-india-spiedJDM WagonR used to test 660cc Petrol engine for India

The Suzuki Palette too is a JDM car which was earlier showcased two years ago at the 2012 Indian Auto expo, and was launched in Japan a short while after. The Palette has been spotted in India for the first time and as it turns out, Maruti Suzuki has imported it for a specific purpose. Found stuck to the car was a Maruti Suzuki branded ‘Vehicle Identification Tag’ on which was printed, details like engine number, chassis number etc. while also revealing the purpose of importing and retaining the car, which is : to test the 600cc Petrol engine used by Suzuki in Japan.

A few small cars in the portfolio of Suzuki in Japan, use a 658cc ‘K-series’ engine which is said to be very efficient and Maruti Suzuki is now all for exploring new strategies and new technologies, which also involves newer engines like this JDM engine finding its way under the hood of an Indian Maruti Suzuki. Maruti Suzuki is known very well for their small cars and for their fuel-efficiency. The 800cc, 3-cylinder petrol engine used in the Alto 800 returns a respect worthy 22 kilometres to every litre of petrol, and Maruti Suzuki plans to improve this by launching the 600cc, K-series JDM engine in India which returns an astonishing 26 kilometres to every litre in the Palette.

suzuki-palette-test-660cc-petrol-engine-india-spiedSuzuki Palette used to test 660cc Petrol engine for India

The Palette is pretty heavy and also aerodynamically inefficient because of the amount of flat surfaces, given its boxy shape, and if the 600cc JDM engine can do 26 kilometres to every litre on that car, it can very well do much more, under the hood of cars like the also 800 which is more efficient aerodynamically and also weighs lesser. The best part is, it does this while producing more power than the 800cc engine currently doing duty in the alto 800. The 600cc engine puts out 54 PS, which may not sound like much, but is higher than the paltry 48 PS put out by the Alto’s 800cc engine. The engine features an ‘Idling Stop’ feature, which further limits the fuel consumption by curtailing fuel injection when the onboard computer detects the vehicle decelerating or stopping.

From our point of view, it looks like Maruti Suzuki already has a winner on their hands with this engine, but that is, IF they decide to launch it in India. We eagerly await an official statement from Maruti Suzuki in this regard.

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