Is Volkswagen about to dump 1.6 TDI on Polo?

Volkswagen Polo - FrontView

Among the premium diesel hatchbacks, the Fiat Grande Punto and the Hyundai i20 are being offered with an engine that churns out 90bhp of power. Now according to CarWale, Volkswagen India might make the Polo Diesel much more fun to drive by plonking in the Volkswagen Vento’s 1.6 Liter turbo diesel engine into the Polo’s engine bay. A Volkswagen Polo diesel marketed globally has a 1.6 L engine with a varied power output of 89 Bhp and a 105 bhp. While the option is open for the 1.6 L diesel powertrain with the different power outputs, the auto major might consider a 89 Bhp power producing engine to replace the 1.2 L diesel engine.

At present the overall performance of the Volkswagen Polo is never to be blamed. But the auto major had been slightly partial to the petrol car lovers endowing the car with powerful 1.6 L petrol motor. Now the Volkswagen Polo petrol is offered in 1.2 L and 1.6 L options. But, one doesn’t need further explanation on the low fuel economy offered by the petrol engine. The petrol car sales of late are not up to the mark more due to the ever widening gap between the petrol and diesel fuel prices. This is the drawback where the petrol engine is concerned. Coming to the diesel engine, the fuel economy automatically goes up. But the capacity has been a sore point.

Volkswagen Polo - RearView

This is what the consumers would like the auto major to improve. And a 1.6 L, 89 Bhp engine will definitely fill the bill. Volkswagen India had initially launched the Polo hatchback with 1.2 L petrol and diesel engines, however introduced the 1.6 L petrol a while later. The dipping sales of the petrol cars might have brought the auto major to the senses. The 75 PS peak power generated by the 1.2 L diesel engine looks quite faded in comparison with the 1.6 L petrol engine that churns out a whopping 105 Ps peak power.


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