Hyundai India launches CNG kit for Santro, i10 and Accent

Hyundai Santro and i10

The country’s second largest maker Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL) yesterday announced the launch of CNG kit for its popular cars Santro Xing, i10 and Accent in Andhra Pradesh. Buyers will have to additionally pay Rs 56,000 to get the CNG kit fitted in their car, and will be installed at the Hyundai dealer level. All these models are already available in LPG variants.

The CNG fuel has roughly half the running cost of the petrol and the recent upward revision of the diesel price had suddenly made the CNG option more appealing, which would help Hyundai to attract more buyers in the coming festive season. The average cost of running on CNG is Rs 3 per kilometer compared to over Rs 6 per kilometer on petrol.

The kit can be purchased and fitted on to any new or old Hyundai car. So to convert your existing Hyundai car to CNG, you’ll have to pay Rs 56,000 and that is only if his car is less than a year old and has clocked not more than 12,000 kms. Also you can get the CNG kit fitted onto your car without losing the factory warranty from Hyundai. The new car buyers can specify their petrol engined cars to be fitted with the CNG kit, during the time of purchase.

Hyundai Accent Executive Sedan

If you get the CNG kit fitted from unauthorized Hyundai dealer, you lose the warranty. The CNG kit uses a 60 liters CNG tank that will be fitted in the boot of the Hyundai cars. This means that owners will have to compromise with smaller boot space, due to the CNG tank. The car is also expected to become heavier by about 80 kilograms due to the CNG kit.

According to the sources, the CNG variants will be as economical as the diesel variants and car owners will be able to relish the car ride with the same punch and kick of a petrol engine in the CNG car. However, the availability of CNG is restricted to only a few cities and with limited number of CNG pumps in India, the fate of the CNG variants of these Hyundai cars will be restricted to only some cities.


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