Chevrolet plans to go aggressive in India, might make it an export hub

General Motors is wanting to go huge in India now. Taking a gander at the quickly developing economy and the expanding purchasing force of the basic man, the organization has chosen to raise the stakes here and plans to launch new compact cars with which they plan to have a 5 percent share of the Indian market. The US based auto major has begun seeing India as a conceivable export centre soon.

chevrolet-india-to-make-it-a-major-export-hubBy 2025, GM hopes to be selling 400,000 vehicles a year in India.

General Motors had before looked at South Korea with comparable objectives however because of rising work costs, the organization now sees India as a substantially more lucrative market. At present their facilities in Halol and Talegaon can produce 2.82 lakh units yearly. The organization has as of late begun exporting cars from India and plan increase the exports to 30 percent of the total capacity.

The Make in India initiative by the government has urged everybody to begin considering India important as a manufacturing. Truth be told, according to General Motors’ Chief of International Operations, Stefan Jacoby, “India may be the last big white sheet of paper in the automotive industry”.

The organization is supposedly likewise taking a shot at another Amber platform which will help them create fresher models. They have formally declared that they will launch the Trailblazer in India this year and Spin MPV one year from now. Let us see what all Chevrolet plans to bring to us in future.

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Source: ET Auto