General Motors becomes world’s top selling automaker in 2011


General Motors Co reclaimed its title as the world’s top selling automaker, after sales of more than 9 million vehicles globally in 2011, a gain of 7.6 percent when compared with 2010. Of course, Chevrolet was GM’s pride and joy with the brand moving 4.76 million units around the world in 2011.

The jump in sales helped the Detroit automaker gain four-tenths of a point of market share to 11.9 percent of the global vehicle industry.

The U.S. obviously led the way for Chevy with total vehicle sales coming in at 1,775,812, up more than 13 percent from 2010. China posted record sales of 595,068, up 9.5 percent from the previous year.

“Chevrolet’s impressive growth in both established and developing markets is the result of a strong new product lineup that meets the diverse needs of consumers around the world,” said GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson. “In addition to Chevrolet’s record-setting sales, the entire lineup of GM vehicles is meeting customer needs for fuel-efficient cars and work vehicles as well as unmatched luxury.”

The Chevrolet Cruze highlighted most of the brand’s sales figures with more than 670,000 being sold in 2011, making it the best-selling Chevy model around the world with more than 1.13 million sold since its launch 4 years ago.