American car manufacturer, Ford India is planning to strengthen its grip on the Indian car market. To achieve this goal the company will be opening 45 new dealership centres in the country in one day itself, that is 16 Feb 2012. As stated by an employee from the company, this plan is just an effort to improve their dominance in the Indian car market and the company has no intentions of lining up a new launch anytime soon. Two years back Ford India had taken a similar step by inaugurating 28 new dealership centres in one day all across the country but that step was taken in lieu of the introduction of Ford Figo in the Indian car market.

Ford India opening 45 dealerships in a day on 16th Feb

Whether this new plan aims at achieving anything similar or not will be clear only after the implementation on the 16th of February, even though the officials from the company are ruling out any such possibility whenever they are contacted. It seems the company has realized that providing the customers an efficient service facility is a necessary requirement for achieving higher demands and due to this the company has taken such a step to enable satisfaction of their buyers. Inaugurating 45 new centres in one day is not an easy step considering the fact that many major companies do not have even 50 dealership centres in the country.

The Ford EcoSport is anticipated to be the same in its segment as was the Ford Figo in the small car segment and hence the company needs more mediums through which they can interact with the buyers. The only thing that needs to be seen is whether Ford EcoSport is able to achieve the same feat as the Ford Figo. It mainly depends on how the company fixes the pricing of the car.


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