Force Motors to launch Force One and Gurkha SUV today

2013 Force Gurkha SUV 4X4

Today is the day we will see the Indian car manufacturer Force Motors give their SUVs a breath of fresh air. Force Motors is expected to launch the Force Gurkha SUV 4X4 today which would rival the latest off-roading icon, the Mahindra Thar and alongwith the Gurkha making its way back to the Indian roads, we’ll see the Force One getting a couple of new variants as well.

Force Gurkha has been the SUV that brings with itself a history of off-roading and some real good off-roader skills. The Gurkha will come in a 4X4 avatar but what could be the party spoiler will be the availability of the car in just BS3 guise. With BS4 being made mandatory in the major cities of the country, the sales of the car might just be restricted a bit.

Alongside the Gurkha, we expect Force to launch the top end variant of the Force One SUV as well as the base level trim. The top-end model would see the addition of ABS and airbags to make it a bit better kitted than the current model. It is also expected to get a AWD model as well in near future. The Force One is quite a capable car but has always missed out because of absence of features like ABS, Airbags which are a standard at its price point.

It would also get an entry level variant which would come devoid of all the creature comforts and to keep the costs to a bare minimum, would ditch features like body colored bumpers, mirrors and ABS. This would surely make it a tad more attractive. The Gurkha and the Force One are the cars which we love, but they did not offer the bang for buck till now. But today, all that might just change.


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