Force Gurkha E.O.V shows off what’s it made for…!

Force Gurkha E.O.V - FrontView

Force Gurkha E.O.V – FrontView

Making a great vehicle is one part and selling it the customers is another. In today’s cut throat competition a good add is a key element to the sales of the products. It’s true for automobiles as well, however good the product is it’s of no use if the message is not conveyed to the buyers and a result we see all sorts of vehicles showing the best of their capabilities in a much better way.

Force had launched the Gurkha which it claims to be the world`s first E.O.V (Extreme Off-Roader Vehicle)) at the Bus and Utility Vehicle Show at Noida. The Gurkha is available in three variants, a 2X2 soft top, a 4X4 soft top and a 4X4 hard top. Here`s a commercial of the Force Gurkha E.O.V showing off what it’s build for. The E.O.V is put under extreme terrain conditions and as we see, the Gurkha handles it really well. The mountain, the jungle, the water and the muck just seems like a child’s play for the Gurkha.

Force Gurkha E.O.V - RearView

Force Gurkha E.O.V – RearView

The Gurkha based on the Mercedes G-Wagon is powered by a 2.6-litre direct injection diesel engine and produces 82PS of power 3200rpm and a torque of 230Nm in the range 1800-2000rpm. The vehicle is equipped with features like differential locks on both, front & rear axles, alloy wheels with all terrain tubeless radial tyres and a heavy duty suspension system to deal with muddy and rough terrains.
Check out the videos of below which shows the true off-roading capabilities of Force Gurkha E.O.V.


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