Fiat has been selling its cars in India through Tata Motors India’s sales and marketing network. Tata Motors has this agreement with Fiat to market its cars using the infrastructure of Tata Showrooms. But lately, Fiat realized that selling its cars through Tata Dealerships is not working very well, so Fiat has decides to open its exclusive showrooms which will be called as Image Brand Centers for Fiat. However, Fiat will continue to market its cars with Tata Dealerships, but it will have these exclusive centers as well. These centers will help to improve the brand image of Fiat in India and will display Fiat cars and will provide a improved level of customer experience with Fiat cars.

Fiat to Open Its Own “Image Brand Centers”

Fiat will open these showrooms initially in the metro cities like Delhi and Pune. Based on the customer feedbacks and impact of these centers, more such center will be opened later at more locations in India.