Mallika Sherawat claims she has bought an Aventador SV, we wonder how?

It’s no major ordeal when a performing artist purchases a supercar, however clearly fans like to applaud the same. Recently, Mallika Sherawat got on social networking to give fans a look of her new purchase. She says it in couple of words, ‘Love my new Lamborghini’. It’s not uncovered where the car was obtained yet as hers is a left hand drive Lamborghini Aventador, which she claims is the SV.

Looks more like a regular Aventador and not the SV.

Here is her white Lamborghini Aventador, and we’re speculating she’s taken possession of it recently. The on-screen character did examine the car in a couple of short words on Twitter early March alluding to the Lamborghini Aventador SV she’s shot in as a ‘Gift for me’. For a considerable length of time later, she posted another Tweet, ‘What’s the big deal, it is just a car,’ utilizing the same photograph.

In reference to it being a gift, there’s no affirmation on whether the performing artist got herself the new car or it was actually gifted to her by somebody. A couple of years prior, Mallika demonstrated enthusiasm for purchasing a Rolls Royce however was turned down owing to a choice procedure wherein the car maker decides whom to call for test drives, and who ought to actually own one of its wonders.

The excitement of owning this mean machine was quite obvious in Mallika’s Twitter post.

Obviously, the energizing new possession appears to have made the performer a touch goofy as she’s decided to sit on its rooftop for a photograph uncover. Most Lamborghini managers wouldn’t let anybody to try and touch their car, take off alone take to its rooftop. She has imparted a short feature of her new car also, however separated from a bye, you don’t really see her drive off.

Talking about her claim of it being Aventador SV, that is very far-fetched. Lamborghini Aventador SV or SuperVeloce was uncovered just a month ago, at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Controlled by the same 6.5l V12, Aventador SV profits from lighter body-weight, and a better output. Contrasted with general Aventador, the SV is 50 kgs lighter, and produces 50 PS more power.

Valued at about $500,000 (Rs 3 crores), Lamborghini is yet to begin sales of the SV, which will just start not long from now. In such a situation, how did Ms Sherawat get her hands on an Aventador SV is the question we are left wondering.

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