Fiat India opens caffe to boost brand image on Jan 1, website goes live

Italian carmaker Fiat is all-set to open its new flagship Fiat Caffe stores in India, where the they will exhibit and sell Fiat cars thought a dedicated sales point and trained sales staff. The Italian car maker will inaugurate the first showroom in Delhi. The next showroom will be opened in Pune.

From elegant Italian Cars to aromatic Italian Coffee, one can step inside a Fiat Caffè to experience the Charisma called Italy. Explore the glorious history of Fiat like neverbefore. Treat your eyes to the latest Fiat car on display. Engage in a conversation with a friend over a brewing cup of Lavazza coffee. Browse through the exclusive Fiat collectibles store.


The Cafe Bites will serve from Italy’s finest coffee to India’s favourite beverage, the menu offers the finest range of hot and cold beverages to choose from. Step inside a Fiat Caffè to enjoy a nice conversation over a cup of tea or coffee.

Fiat India has been struggling ion the growing Indian market. Fiat India partnered with Tata Motors to manufacture and sell cars from a single showroom. For past few years, Fiat has not been entirely satisfied with the sales points in the existing Tata Motors showrooms and low sales numbers.

Now, Fiat India will open its own flagship stores in major cities and sell Fiat cars like the Punto, Linea and 500 hatchback in India.

The official website of Fiat Caffe has gone live and shows useful information about the Fiat Caffe and the Fiat Cars in India.


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