Ferrari teases the upcoming F70 supercar (Video)

Ferrari F70 - Teaser image

The Italian sports car manufacturer, Ferrari has unexpectedly released first spy images of the long-awaited Enzo successor – the F70. The images show a heavily camouflaged Ferrari F70 that borrows makeshift panels from the Ferrari 458 Italia to hide the cars body language and design. While the camouflage makes it hard to clearly tell what kind of the body the F70 will get, we car be fairly certain that will borrow its looks heavily from its predecessor, the Ferrari Enzo.

At the September’s Paris Auto Show, the company showed off the unique carbon fiber tub that will form the backbone (or monocoque) of the car. The entire chassis will be crafted from carbon fiber, with various components built from different carbon materials for optimum weight and strength. Four different carbon fiber blends are used in the tub alone, and each will be hand crafted to the same level of care given to a Ferrari F1 chassis.

Furthermore, to recap what we know so far, the Enzo replacement will house a mid-mounted 6.2-litre V12 engine that will belch out a resounding 900bhp. That however, is not the impressive bit. What’s impressive in the new F70 is that it will incorporate the Formula One racecar KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) as part of its impressive array of high-tech ensemble. Also, it can be driven on pure electricity albeit for a couple of km at best.

The Ferrari F70 is expected to be launched in early-2013 and in accordance with Ferrari’s tradition, will be available to only a very select group of people that will be chosen by Ferrari.
Checkout the short video officially released by Ferrari, below the jump.


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Source Yahoo Canada