Garage – Fairu’s Honda Activa

Honda Activa

Date of acquired – March 2010
Efficiency – 38kmpl
Distance covered – 5297km
COSTS – -Nil-
For – Smooth engine, large storage space.
Drawbacks – Not value-for-money, stretched waiting period.

My scooter is so popular in India. It has been my loyal on road partner, when I scoot around the city for college or when I go out shopping to the local market. The white colour stands out and at most traffic signals people ask me about the fuel economy and delivery time details of the two-wheeler. I was further impressed by the scooter as it managed to return close to 40kmpl in the city. Recently, when I visited the Honda service centre, I was satisfied by the executives who did a decent job and were prompt with their work. However, I remain unimpressed by the scooter’s battery which had to be checked rather frequently and charged every 45 days. The Activa offers a hassle-free ride and is apt for city riding.

My colleagues keep borrowing my long term Activa every now and then, especially if they have to carry project or something for college. The large storage space below the seat really comes in handy. The combi-brake system is a new feature on the Honda which initially took a bit of time for me to get used to. With this new brake technology, whenever I apply the rear brake, the system automatically also engages the front brakes partially. This makes the scooter more stable during braking. Now I have got so used to it that I feel more confident and safe with the new brake technology.


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