Eicher-Polaris jointly developed LCV, Flexituff’s patent images leaked

Eicher Motors and Polaris Industries announced a collaboration earlier this year, in which engineers and designers from both the companies would come together to develop a new LCV(Light Commercial Vehicle). Eicher Motors had experience in production of big heavy commercial vehicles and had a state of the art production facility and Polaris industries had a lot of experience in making small, tough vehicles which were perfect to be used in rough conditions, and this collaboration would mean the combined usage of these particular advantages possessed by both the companies, resulting in the birth of an LCV which can be used by people in various professions, which means the vehicle had to be flexible.

eicher-polaris-flexituff-details-pictures-priceEicher-Polaris Flexituff hard-top version gets doors.

Flexible it is, as they have even named the LCV as Flexituff. The Flexituff has been developed to be flexible and versatile and mostly to be used in and around the agricultural world, as the compact commercial vehicle can haul luggage as well as passengers. There will be a few versions of the Flexituff as revealed by the official pictures which have been leaked by an insider. There will be an open-top, a soft-top, a hard-top, a twin-cab pickup and a load lugging variant.

The construction of the Flexituff will be simple and lightweight and will be using a tubular frame with light weight composite materials. Only the hard-top variant will be equipped with doors and the rest will make do with an open cabin, which will be more user friendly on the field and this way it will easily survive rough usage too.

eicher-polaris-flexituff-open-top-picturesEicher-Polaris Flexituff open-top version.

The patent images of the Flexituff reveal its basic design language and it really is very basic indeed. Designers have made use of flat molded plastic panels and the front of the Flexituff is made up of a very small radiator grille with a basic design headlamp with integrated turn indicators.

The Eicher Polaris Flexituff will be powered by a 600cc diesel engine sourced from Greaves Cotton, the company which is known widely for manufacturing a range of farm equipment and engines. The Flexituff is expected to return a 25 kilometres to every litre of diesel which is very good for a load hauler. More details about this 600cc engine will be disclosed in a few weeks time before the launch of the Flexituff.

eicher-polaris-flexituff-soft-tops-photosEicher-Polaris Flexituff soft-top version.

The Flexituff will be produced at the Eicher production facility near Jaipur and the company expects to sell about 10,000 to 12,000 units of the Flexituff every year.

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Source: MotorBeam