Volkswagen plans to bring one new EV every-month from 2022

German automaker Volkswagen has set its sights on the Electric Vehicle market. The automaker has plans of launching one new EV every month from 2022. This comes in the wake of customer preference for Electric Vehicles, which are growing by time.

It has been revealed that Volkswagen will set-up 16 new Electric car production facilities around the world. Volkswagen is keen on launching as many as 300 different Electric-powered vehicles by 2030. This indeed signals volkswagen’s ambitions to become a global EV giant.


Volkswagen ID Vizzion Concept (2018)

While most cars will be electric variants of existing models, expect some new electric vehicles to arrive as well from Volkswagen’s stable. The german automaker will unveil its first pure model by 2020 around the world. As far as India is concerned, we can expect that to happen by 2022.

Volkswagen is currently concentrating on zero emission vehicles which may result in less pollution. The Indian versions of the electric vehicles will be produced in the automaker’s Chakan plant in Pune. This will co-incide with the government’s push for electric vehicles by 2020, and we can see many major automakers warming up to the occasion.


Volkswagen ID Vizzion Concept (2018)

Only time can tell whether Volkswagen will succeed in this step taken, which at the movement appears risky but rewarding. One thing for sure in India will be the presence of EV’s which may tempt more buyers to enter the bandwagon. Volkswagen is currently investing Rs.1600 crore in development of electric powertrains worldwide and it will be compliant to stricter emission norms in the future.

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