Dussehra on wheels in Mangalore (Video)

Trucks carrying tableaux in Mangalore

Mangalore Dasara is one of the most celebrated and pompous festival of India. The city of Mangalore has a long tradition of celebrating the Dasara festival. Dasara (Dussehra) can be described as 10-day festival in South India, culminating on Vijayadashami or tenth day.

The Mangalore Dasara is celebrated elaborately with great enthusiasm. During this period, the whole of Mangalore undergoes serious changes and it is decorated beautifully with the streets lighted and the trees decorated. It attracts a huge audience from all over India.

Hundreds of folk troupes danced and marched ahead of the deities in the processions. The garudi bombe troupes attracted the children while the attention of the young and the old was caught by the various dance troupes. The roads wore a splendorous look with special lights.

On this occasion the trucks get modified carrying colourful tableaux, some displaying mythological themes and some modern, topics, took part in the main procession.

It has been a tradition of the specific temple committee to award the best tableaux to encourage all tableaux to take part in Mangalore Dasara event which attracts people from all over the India.

The Mangalore Dasara is certainly worth the time, money and effort invested in it. So plan your trips to Mangalore, India and witness the splendour and awe of Mangalore Dasara and India. (See more pictures below the jump)

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