A dream test drive organised by BMW India

Sometimes, you may start a few things just like any ordinary chore but the events by the end leave you with a lifelong intense memory. Something similar happened to 10 unsuspecting families when they decided to drop in for a BMW test ride in the first week of February. Just like any other test drive they may have taken earlier, it started very normally. However, their moments were being recorded on a hidden camera. The families surely enjoyed the drive in the beginning but they had no idea that as this unfolds, much more is awaiting them.

dream-test-drive-organised-bmw-indiaBMW Ultimate Test Drive Surprise

Soon there were dancing street cleaners to welcome these drivers, petal throwing young school children welcomed them further, a ballet company that puts on a street show and an orchestra on a street stage. The hidden camera got the posters of these 10 families. However, this still was not enough. At the finish of test drive, a grand reception was awaiting them and the ensemble cast and many more people pampered them as sophisticated lenses went busy capturing every possible moment. After this came the biggest surprise. Indian cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar himself was present to greet the families on stage. No one missed the chance to shake hands and get clicked in the same frame as the master blaster. The joy of these families was limitless and the photographs do good job to tell you all this.

BMW has given delight to many with its products but this was a pretty out of the box attempt to please a selected few and raise the anxiety of others. We don’t know yet how these families were selected for this opportunity. Now if you are walking in the BMW store, you never know what is waiting for you. Hold your pulse when you drop in there the next time.

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