Delhi Belly might get sued by Hyundai India for derogatory use of Santro in movie

The popular song ‘Bhag DK Bose’ in the movie Delhi Belly has got under some serious legal trouble emanating from Hyundai. If you have seen the movie you will surely know about the red Hyundai Santro which Imran Khan is gifted by his father in law. Hyundai feels that the movie is depicting the company’s cars in a disparaging manner.

Hyundai India says, “Our legal team is looking into the matter and watching the film clips. Accordingly, we will decide our future course of action” while UTV Motion Picture says, “We haven’t got any intimation or letter from any motor company“.

It will be interesting to see how Aamir Khan reacts to this controversy; already the movie is under a lot of criticism for explicit language, sexuality and the obvious song D.K Bose. Watch this space we will update you on this one.