Chinese man invents battery-powered Scooter with Suitcase (Video)

You will not have to drag your luggage all the way through busy and rustling airports any more. All you will have to do is ride on your suitcase and make way for yourself. It has recently come into light that a Chinese inventor, named He Liangcai who was originally a farmer, has now created a scooter with a suitcase powered by battery that helps the rider in transporting his/ her belongings as well as him/ herself. This amateur inventor hails from Hunan Province. He Liangcai has already acquired a patent for this product.

chinese-man-builds-suitcase-scooterChinese man invents battery-powered Scooter with Suitcase

This battery powered suitcase that can double as a scooter is quite light and weighs only 7 kg. This scooter is well capable of giving a ride to two people. Liangcai’s scooter can travel at a speed of 20 km per hour. At a full charge, this scooter can run for a distance of about 50 to 60 km. He Liangcai demonstrated this new invention earlier this week. Global Times reported that he rode this suitcase scooter all the way to his house which was about 12 km away.

Liangcai reported that it took him nearly ten years to come up with the idea of and to actually develop this amazing new scooter. He reported that this idea struck him when once he forgot his luggage on the way to the airport for a flight to US to accept an award for coming up with a unique and innovative car safety system. He has equipped this suitcase scooter with a burglar alarm and a GPS navigation feature as well. This awesome vehicles actually constitutes a stripped down electric scooter which has been incorporated within a suitcase. To ride this vehicle, the rider will have to stride along the rectangular suitcase, grab hold of the handlebars that control lights, breaks and throttle.

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