Chevrolet to launch the Adra compact SUV by 2017 – production version rendered

chevrolet-adra-compact-suv-production-modelSpecial thanks to Shoeb R Kalania (IndianAutosBlog) for rendering the images of the production-spec Chevrolet Adra Compact SUV

Almost everyone who has been following the Indian automotive industry will now know that Compact SUV’s are the current favourite among consumers and are selling like hot cakes. The Renault Duster set a benchmark in this segment, and now the Ford EcoSport is raking up the bookings, staying away from this segment would be a huge mistake for mass market players in the automotive field and for this reason alone, almost every single manufacturer is now trying to launch a product in the compact SUV segment, Chevrolet being one of them.

At the auto expo held earlier this year in Delhi, Chevrolet had showcased the Adra compact SUV concept. The Adra drew a lot of attention and was touted to be a strong competitor to give the Ford EcoSport a run for its money if priced right. Now though, it has been confirmed by GM India’s new President and MD, Arvind Saxena, that the Adra would be launched only by 2017. The boffins at Chevrolet are pretty confident that the right time to launch the Adra would be only after 4 years, during which the Adra would undergo, the product development cycle, on the other hand, we feel that the compact SUV segment would have lost its charm after 4 years.

The management at Chevrolet though has other things set on high priority. Instead of launching newer products in the market, they have prioritised strengthening the current product portfolio and creating a better perception of the brand in the minds of the Indian customers. They plan to do this by focusing on providing a better dealership experience and also, better after-sales service support, as customer satisfaction plays a very important role in brand satisfaction.

chevrolet-adra-compact-suv-concept-modelChevrolet Adra Concept

Despite operating in the Indian market for more than a decade, GM India does not have a very good impression in the minds of the Indian consumer, few of the reasons for this include, the manufacturing defects in the products, the recalls for a few models to replace defective parts, and even the recent scams involving a few top brass officers at GM India regarding the Chevrolet Tavera and its pollution control certification. GM India needs to address a few issues like these, if they want to change their brand perception.

GM India also seems very inclined toward another popular fast growing segment in India, which is the compact sedan segment. We can also expect a compact sedan being developed alongside the Adra, although there is no official word on that. Through all these plans for the Indian market, GM India is trying to do only one thing, which is, gaining a greater share in the Indian automotive market, in which it currently has only 2.5% share, and this move can only be a good thing.


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