Chennai Cops punish KTM 390 riders for wearing riding gear caught on GoPro

Cops in Chennai caught and detained young KTM 390 bikers because they were wearing a riding gear, not for over-speeding! This incident occurred on the outskirts of Chennai.

It occurred when the riders were astride in a Kawasaki Ninja 300, KTM Duke and RC 390, they were stopped by the cops and were harassed for over an hour. The cops were totally upset and let their emotions get the better of them.

The cops removed the keys from the bike and accused the riders of overspeeding without any evidence. When the riders protested about the accusations put on them, the cops stated that they were overspeeding even when the speedometer did not show 5kmph, due to some wrong calibration.

They also complained about the riders turning on the headlamps during daytime, unaware of the new government policy to include Automatic Headlamp-On (AHO) feature in all two wheelers for better visibility.

The cops were not informed properly about speeding and riders breaking the rules and regulations of the road, thus, harassing the young men for over an hour. This is not the first time that the cops have acted rudely, one such incident occurred earlier this year where cops had seized 10 supercars, due to overspeeding, but in reality it was not the case in the Bangalore-Chennai route.

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