Chandigarh is the city with most number of vehicles per person in the country

The joint capital of two states Haryana and Punjab, Chandigarh, is much more than a beautiful city. It has been recently reported that Chandigarh has topped the list of cities with maximum number of vehicles per person in the country. From 940 vehicles in 1967, the number of automobiles in the city has risen to nearly 10.5 lacs in the present year.

chandigarh-most-number-vehicles-per-personChandigarh Tops Per Head Vehicle Count

With a population of about 12 lakh residents, over 10 lacs registered vehicles sounds like a huge number. The vehicles include more than 5 lac two wheelers and nearly 5 lac four wheelers. The city has been witnessing an increase of vehicle by more than 45,000 of them getting registered every year. In the year 2011, 50,460 new vehicles were registered while in the year 2012, 51,259 new vehicles were registered and in the year 2013, 45,113 new vehicles were registered.

One reason for the increasing number of vehicle registration in Chandigarh can be the increasing purchasing power of the citizens in the city. Also, till 2013, the charges for getting the vehicle registered in the city was comparatively lower than the charges in Haryana and Punjab. Thus, attractive more people to get the vehicles registered. Another reason can be that the transfer fee in the city is also low in comparison to other cities. Thus, people who were planning to transfer their vehicles did not find the charges quite alluring.

Another vital thing is that the registration number of Chandigarh is perceived to come with a higher brand value. So, people living on other cities tend to buy houses or flats in Chandigarh and get their vehicles registered with the city. Generally, the police force in Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and even Delhi leave the cars with registration number of Chandigarh as they are perceived to carry all essential documentation.

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Source – Indian Express

Image Credit – Chandigarh Gossips