BMW India to sell pre-owned cars from November 24th

BMW India to sell pre-owned cars from November 24th German luxury car manufacturer, BMW is new venturing into the business of used cars from November 24th, this year. Going forward, the used car business of BMW will be referred to as the BMW Premium Selection to showcase all the pre-owned cars used for five years or under with a mileage of under 120,000 km. If a BMW car doesn’t fall under this criteria, its not going to make it to the BMW Premium Selection store. Good that it is known before hand, saving all the trouble to run a background check-up on the cars to dig up the car history.

As comes the advantage by owning any used car, the BMW Premium Selection business offers all those along with the luxury car tag making the owner proud, which is a BMW car after all. Moreover, the used car business offers a hassle free ownership experience as the basic ground work will be taken care of by the company itself. Like with any new car, the BMW used car comes with a well-defined warranty, a thorough check-up of the car at 72 key points and well documented too.

The most important part, the financial backing which usually lacks with a purchase through an agent is covered here. The exchange benefits are applied here as well, apart from the roadside assistance. Therefore, its one exciting business BMW has taken a plunge into. This news is going to give a hope to BMW fans across the country, who wants to own a BMW car in future. Now owning the highest priced BMW 7 series to the cheapest BMW car in India, the BMW X1 is not difficult any more, that too in a good condition with less than 120,000 km reading on the board.


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