Bike rider pays the price for using his cell phone at a petrol pump (Video)

There is a reason why the use of mobile phones is discouraged near petrol pump and gas stations. It is regarded as dangerous and even fatal. A recent case brought into light the same fact that comes as a warning to those who do not follow instructions.

bike-rider-pays-price-using-cell-phone-petrol-pumpBike rider pays the price for using his cell phone at a petrol pump

The fact that mobile phone can cause fired at petrol or gas stations has not even been proved for real. However, it is always better to be safe than regretting things later. Moreover, one must not ignore warning signs that have been put up at petrol pumps asking the automobile riders to avoid the use of mobile phone. Certain stations even ask to switch of the device. In Belgium, people are prohibited from using their cell phones within 10 meters from petrol/ gas stations.

Use of cell phone at petrol and gas stations could pose a risk of explosion. Concerned authorities have been working on the task of alerting people to avoid making and receiving calls at petrol or gas station because of the risk of fire. According to a report, a driver of a car was attending a call on his cell phone at a petrol pump. As his car was being filled with the fuel, he bent down to have a closer look and the petrol tank exploded. The driver suffered from burns and his car got severely damaged as petrol vapor caught fire due to the static electricity from the device and exploded.

Certain mobile phone makers, like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola have also authenticated such threats and have printed cautions in their handbooks as well. In fact, it has been advised that mobile phones should be switched off near airports, hospitals and other areas where sensitive electronic equipment are in use for the safety of the public.

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