The best five two-wheeler commercials by Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto is not just one of the finest two-wheeler maker in the nation but also quite skilled at making their commercials. If you were born somewhere in mid 80s or early 90s, the thought of Bajaj commercials may make you remember all those nostalgic visuals. The best things about the commercials created by Bajaj Auto were that they were all rich in content. They changed with time in terms of the new ideologies that were shaping in the automaker’s mind regarding their future products. The message they wanted to deliver was clear and well meaning. The tune and jingles were very appealing.

top-5-bajaj-auto-commercialsThe unforgettable ‘Pulsar Mania’

Here are the best 5 two wheeler commercials by Bajaj Auto:

1.  The automaker started with its ‘Hamara Bajaj’ campaign that went on to capture the entire nation’s attention. This 41 second long commercial depicted how the scooter has revolutionized the transportation scene in India.

2.  When the Kawasaki KB-125 commercial appeared it was quite fancy for its time. It was one of the most loved commercial by Bajaj Auto with that scene of a door closing in on the biker who slides and makes a smooth escape.

3. Bajaj’s two commercials for its sturdy and strong motorbike Caliber, the chief competitor against Hero Honda Splendor motorcycle, were also very amazing and the tune of the commercial was quite catchy. Vidya Balan featured in one of these commercials.

4.  Gradually, Bajaj Auto began to come out with a variety of new products for the new ‘Bharat’ and it’s ‘Bharat Vassi.’ This commercial was meant to target the Indian youth to understand their mindset on a cultural change. It was an instant hit.

5.  Perhaps the best commercial by Bajaj Auto was for its Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle. All the commercials created for this awesome bike were very thoughtful. They were very sensible in their approach and appealed to the correct senses.


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