VIDEO: Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Features Presentation

This product video was part of the Bajaj Pulsar RS200’s launch ceremony. If you prefer learning about the product in audio visual form instead of reading through paragraphs of text, you’ll want to watch this – Bajaj Auto takes us through the various features and equipment of the new Bajaj Pulsar RS200.

Of course, we plan on coming up with our own walk-around video soon, so watch out for that one to learn about the Pulsar RS200 from a third party perspective. For now, enjoy the video above.

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GALLERY: Bajaj Pulsar RS200

bajaj-pulsar-rs200-single-channel-abs     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-perimeter-frame     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-race-exhaust

bajaj-pulsar-rs200-hd-focus-twin-projector-headlamps     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-front-fascia     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-fuel-tank

bajaj-pulsar-rs200-crystal-led-tail-lamps     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-crystal-led-tail-lights     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-nitrox-mono-suspension

bajaj-pulsar-rs200-design-styling     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-colours-shade     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-fuel-injection-engine

bajaj-pulsar-rs200-india     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-features-explained-in-detail-video     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-digital-console-instrument-cluster