Baby Cayenne soon

The German manufacturer announced last month that its supervisory board has instructed its board of management to “drive forward the development of a further model series up to series production.” It described the Cajun badge as “a working name,” and said that the car “will further expand the company’s most successful segment worldwide,” a tacit admission that it will be a form of SUV. Porsche Cajun

The Cajun will be based on an Audi Q5. No production site has been announced, although the new model could be manufactured alongside the Audi on one of the Q5’s lines at Bratislava. At the very least, Porsche will use the VW Group facilities to produce the body-in-whites for the car, a tactic it already employs with the current Cayenne.

The firm described the car as an “entry model” and said it would “attract new and even younger customers to the premium brand along with the Boxster”; Such a statement points to a similar starting price of around £35,000 (Rs 24.66 lakh), the same as mid-range Q5s. The Cajun’s engine options are likely to start with a four-cylinder, turbocharged powerplant (similar to the unit that will ultimately be used in the baby Boxster) and include V6 petrols and diesels, plus a hybrid.