AutoTram Extra Grand – The World’s Longest Bus (258 passengers capacity)

The automotive market is booming with different automakers coming up with great new vehicles for private as well as commercial use. The latest amazing vehicle to catch the attention of the on-lookers is the spectacular Autotram Extra Grand! This amazing tram is about 101 feet in length and has been designed by German Engineers with an aim to bring down the number of private vehicles on roads. The Autotram Extra Grand will come with a maneuverability of the bus and length of a train. It will not only prevent traffic jams to a significant extent but will also reduce emissions. Also since the population is growing, the Autotram Extra Grand will serve the purpose of a very efficient mans of mass public transportation.

autotram-extra-grand-worlds-longest-busAutoTram Extra Grand – The World’s Longest Bus

The Autotram Extra Grand has been powered by a hybrid engine that is fuel efficient. At the full charge, the tram can cover about 8 kilometers. This bus features an incorporated steering mechanism. Thus, you do not need special skills to drive this tram. You can manoeuver it in the same manner as driving a long bus. It steers back and forth in an immensely smooth manner. A complex algorithm was created by the team on which this steering mechanism works. The total cost of the entire project was nearly $10 million.

This amazing bus made its debut in Dresden, Germany. It strolled around the city and successfully transferred 258 passengers. As of now, the feedback this bus has received is positive. It is coming out as a great example of system engineering and transportation. Nonetheless, the team of German engineers are subjecting the Autotram Extra Grand to repeated testing in order to ensure highest levels of satisfaction. They are also working on certain final finishing touches. City administrations of Shanghai and Beijing have already placed an order for the Autotram Extra Grand.

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