Big Bus! Volvo-KSRTC rolls out 14.5-metre long bus with toilet and pantry facilities

Volvo 9400PX - ExteriorView

A couple of months before, KSRTC or Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation started commenced the trial-run of its 14.5-metre-long multi-axle low floor city bus ‘Volvo 7400XL’ in Bangalore, India. And last-month, the KSRTC introduced new services in the Volvo multi-axle buses like toilet and pantry facilities. Now combining the both KSRTC launched country’s longest bus measuring 14.5-metre-long bus, with a toilet and in-house pantry services.

Earlier this-year, along with the Volvo 7400XL the company also showcased the Volvo 9400PX at the 2012 Auto Expo, both of this bus measures 14.5-metre long and becomes the country’s longest multi-axle intercity bus with a steerable rear tag-axle. The new coach is powered by the new Volvo 11-litre engine with 370hp. An automated I-Shift gearbox handles the transmission duties.

The Volvo 9400PX is built on the new light-weight Volvo PX platform, which provides even better grade ability and acceleration as well as enhanced stability & larger luggage space. This 14.5-metre-long bus is 0.8 metre longer than a multi-axle bus, and has around 41 seats. Inside the cabin, passengers have the luxury of a big size pantry with a coffee maker, a refrigerator and a wash basin, VOD (Video-on-demand) and in-built toilet. Even, mobile chargers are attached to each row. The fare for the Bangalore-Mysore route will be Rs. 300.

Volvo 9400PX - InteriorView

Akash Passey, senior vice president – Business region international, Volvo Bus Corporation and chairman of the board, Volvo Buses in India said –

“The Volvo 9400PX is an important milestone for Volvo buses in India. Since 2001, each year, we have introduced a new concept or product in India. We keep this momentum and take an important step forward. The introduction of the Volvo 9400PX is even more special. First, because it is a global introduction from India, and has been developed keeping in mind the evolving customer, passenger and driver needs in India. Next, it is a continued sign of our local product development capabilities, where the Volvo 9400PX has witnessed a very close collaboration between our engineers in Sweden & India together.”

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