KTM Duke 390 custom kits launched for Rs 49,390 by Yuvraj Singh

KTM Duke 390 is one of the best bikes accessible in the 250-400 cc section in the nation. Nonetheless, numerous times the bike has been unreasonably compared with the littler Duke 200 due to the looks. What’s more, on the off chance that you are one of the individuals unique, here is your opportunity to make your ride stand apart with expert custom units.


Autologue Design has propelled their lead custom-assembled pack KTM X-26 and the Yuvraj Singh Special X-12 on KTM Duke 390. The bike was showcased at the India Bike Week and will be sold for philanthropy soon and units will be available to be purchased from 22nd Jul 15. The returns of the auction will go towards YouWeCan cancer foundation.

The organization asserts that dissimilar to most aftermarket customisations, these units are fabricated by taking the OEM outline course that is, chasis examining, 3D displaying, CNC machined examples, woven mat FRP and Standox 3 coat painting. Likewise, it is a jolt on fitting and play unit obliging no changes to the main bike outline without any drillings. It tips the scales at 5kgs.


The limited version KTM unit contains a fuel tank cover, revamped head light, radiator cover, underbelly cover, side boards and tire hugger. It costs Rs 49,390. A back seat cowl and anodised CNC machined bits are additionally accessible as a discretionary additional.

The YouWeCan bike which will be auctioned, has extra custom parts including Two Brothers full exhaust framework, BMC air channel, Race Dynamics ECU update, back set foot pegs and CNC machined custom oil caps with a custom paint plan. Let us see how the enthusiasts respond to this after-market modification.

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GALLERY: Special X-12 based on KTM Duke 390

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